A Return to Compassion and Mercy For All

There are many Muslims across the world who feel that we need to re-examine our current tradition of slaughtering an animal to commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham. If you are at this page then it is likely you have, at some point, attempted to reconcile animal sacrifice with the Islamic tradition of compassion and mercy.

Many Muslims are privately or publicly advocating for an end to this tradition. Their reasons vary from a concern for animal welfare. To recognizing how the livestock industry contributes to climate change. To a need to give their money towards more sustainable solutions for the poor.

The purpose of this page is to display a collective of voices from across the Muslim world of people who would like to see an end to animal sacrifice during Eid-al-Adha

You can become a part of creating change. Please leave a comment (short or long).  Include your name, and if you would like, your country, age and occupation. You will absolutely inspire someone else. Someone who may be on the fence. Someone who does not want to sacrifice an animal and feels they may not have another choice. 

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